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When your home or business has an electrical problem like a short in your home’s wiring, a breaker that repeatedly flips or maybe a sudden power outage with no obvious explanation, you need a certified electrician’s expertise immediately. Perhaps you need equipment installed – like one of our quality Kohler Generators.

Our specialists are available any time to schedule your electrical service appointment. You’ll rest easy knowing the most dependable & reliable expert electricians in Mobile, Alabama & Baldwin County are on the way to help you resolve your electrical problem or power issue. Ask about any of the electrical services we offer like a generator maintenance plan or one of our quality home or business equipment maintenance programs.

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Emergency Electrical Repair

In today’s modern world, electricity is a background constant for every task and location. However, when an issue comes up we can’t miss it. Lights going out, outlets not working, or having to reset a tripped breaker are all signs to call in some help.
When should you call an electrician?
  • Getting a shock or tingling from any appliances
  • New bulbs burning out quickly or repeatedly
  • Light switches or outlets that feel hot to the touch
  • Breaking tripping repeatedly
  • Flickering or constantly losing power
Tracking down the source of electrical issues can be time consuming, frustrating, and could even be a dangerous undertaking. There’s no need to go it alone, calling a professional assistance can take the stress out of any task. Hansen electricians have years of experience and are certified to solve your power problems!


Standby generators are what you need to keep the power on during an outage in your area. Each backup generator is chosen and installed based on the specific needs of your home. When an outage happens, your standby generator will turn on within seconds to prevent loss of power, whether you are home or away. Don’t let the loss of power prevent you from living comfortably.

At Hansen Electric, we understand that the three most important things you want in your generator are affordability, reliability and quality service! You can rest easy knowing that your standby generator has been installed and will be maintained by the best service technicians on the Gulf Coast.  We take pride knowing we sell, install, service and maintain quality products like the Kohler standby generators in Mobile & Baldwin County, Alabama.

Operates during any weather or disaster from downed power lines to hurricanes

Works off of the home’s propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling

Uninterrupted power for people who rely on electrical home medical equipment

Provides individuals working from home with reliable power

Stable & safe power that won’t harm your electronics or cause surge protection issues

Great 5-year, 2,000-hour protection warranty with a Kohler standby generator

It takes a mere 10 seconds for one of our propane standby generators to automatically provide power for your home or business.  It produces enough wattage to power your home or business’s air conditioning or heat, sump pump and major appliances like your refrigerator or oven.  That’s everything electrical, all at the same time.

Your new standby generator comes standard with a corrosion resistant enclosure that’s built to last.  The premier 14kW and 20kW Kohler standby models feature corrosion-proof enclosure.  No more worries about unsightly and damaging rust.

Each and every standby generator is meticulously quality-tested from start to finish.  They perform hundreds of performance tests during the designing process.  When the standby generator passes all these tests, then and only then, is the prototype produced.  Finally, before your standby generator leaves the manufacturing plant, it’s put through its paces one more time.  Everything is examined – down to each and every bolt.  Then and only then does your standby generator leave the factory for professional installation by one of Hansen Electric’s expert technicians at your home or business.  The result is total and complete reliability.

Take some time before disaster strikes to purchase and install one of our quality standby generators.   When purchasing standby generators, your checklist should include generator size, generator costs, permits and installation.  But don’t worry, here at Hansen Electric your quality home or business standby generator will be installed according to the latest codes and safety measures available.   Hansen Electric will handle all the details, so you don’t have to.    But wait, there’s more!

Hansen Electric also provides financing.   Your Kohler standby generator also comes with a five (5) year parts warranty and (2) two years labor warranty.  Your generator also comes with one (1) year free maintenance, serviced by one of our professional, certified installation and maintenance technicians.

 When the power goes out you don’t want to be scrambling to protect your family, home or business.  So breathe easy and relax knowing you have purchased and installed a reliable, quality standby generator that will last and last for many years to come.  As well as, the knowledge that should the need arise; you have Hansen Electric technicians on speed dial for any of your standby generator’s service and maintenance needs.  We provide expert professional service for all of your electrical needs.  Whether it is parts, sales, installation, service or maintenance, home or business, we’ve got you covered!

Testing & Inspections

Load Bank Testing
Home Safety Checks
Code Corrections
Infrared inspections
Megger Testing

Installations & Appliances

Ceiling Fan Installation
Light Switch Installation & Repair
Electrical Appliance Installation
Outlet Installation & Repair
Phone & Cable Outlets
Smoke & Carbon Detectors

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

LED upgrades
Turtle Lighting
Dimming Systems
Landscape Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting

Wiring & Upgrades

Indoor & Outdoor Wiring
Surge Protection
ARC-Fault Breakers
Grounding System Upgrades
GFCI Outlets & Breakers

Other Services

Meter Bases
Service Risers
Power to Pools
Electric Water Heaters
Security Cameras
Home Automation
Condo Services

Electrical Renovations & Restoration

Whether you are planning to update your home, put in additions, or create that dream  backyard oasis, we’re here for you! Hansen electricians have the expertise and skills necessary to complete your upcoming plans and designs. We do it all from exterior lighting, adding additional outlets, upgrading fuse boxes, rewiring, and so much more! When you choose Hansen for your project, we handle all electrical permits and ensure all our work exceeds city inspection requirements.
Things to consider when upgrading or building:
  • GFCIs, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Too few outlets
  • Worn Outlets
  • Increase the capacity of breakers and circuits
  • Properly grounded wiring for outdoor areas
  • High quality set up for outdoor kitchen area

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