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12 Benefits of Getting a Smart Thermostat

Feb 17, 2022 | HVAC

A thermostat is a household device that helps regulate the temperature of a room or building. The standard manual thermostat has been around for many years and is still used today. However, there is now a newer type of thermostat on the market called the “smart” thermostat.

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

The smart thermostat is essentially the same as a standard, manual thermostat in that it helps control the temperature of your home. However, the smart thermostat takes this to the next level by adding internet connectivity and automation into the mix.

That means you can monitor and adjust your heating or cooling system from any location with an internet connection. You can even set up a schedule to help automate energy costs and decrease your environmental footprint. Smart thermostats also have the capability of being monitored from your smartphone or tablet, allowing you the convenience of checking the temperature from just about anywhere. The benefits of having a smart thermostat include the following.

1. Remote Control Access

Having a smart thermostat means you’re able to monitor and control your home’s temperature from just about any location with an internet or mobile connection. The smart thermostat will alert you if there are unexpected changes in the temperature so that you can fix it right away before much harm is done. You’ll also be able to create schedules for when you’re home or away, ensuring your home is the temperature you want it to be when you need (or expect) it to be.

2. Custom Comfort Levels

Some people are comfortable when it’s cooler while others feel more comfortable in warmer temperatures. With smart thermostats, you can set your home to the exact temperature you want it to be. For example, some smart thermostats allow you to add custom schedules for different days, such as working days, practice days, game nights, etc.

Some smart thermostats have a geofencing feature that uses your smartphone’s GPS to track your location. Geofencing automatically activates heating or cooling as you approach your home so that the temperature is just right as you enter it. This helps to save energy and increase comfort levels. This is especially useful for people who live unprogrammed lives.

3. Energy Efficiency

One of the main features that smart thermostats have is an energy efficiency feature that allows you to track your energy usage patterns over time. This helps you identify how much money you’re spending on heating and cooling costs, allowing you to tweak these costs by customizing temperature levels at certain times so that you can save money while still being comfortable during certain periods.

Smart thermostats also have an “away” mode that will automatically switch on if there’s nobody in the residence for a certain length of time, helping to reduce wasteful heating and cooling costs. Smart thermostats are estimated to help cut cooling costs by up to 15% and decrease heating bills by around 10%.

4. More Accurate Controls

Although a manual thermostat can help you control your home’s heating/cooling system, some manual systems aren’t that accurate. Often these manual systems might “jump” from one temperature to another or fluctuate between two different temperatures. This can make it difficult to control and fine-tune a heating and cooling system.

However, smart thermostats are much more accurate and precise. The device’s sensors and algorithms are much more efficient, meaning that the temperature is controlled with greater accuracy.

5. Learning Function

Many smart thermostats have a learning function that allows the device to learn your patterns and habits based on how you use your HVAC system. For example, if you normally adjust the temperature a few times during the day, the device will automatically adjust it for you throughout different periods. This can save time and energy costs as less manual interaction is required. It also helps maintain a more comfortable and consistent air temperature throughout your home.

6. Aesthetics

Smart thermostats come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to find one that matches your decor. Some smart thermostats are touchscreen while others have a dial or buttons. They come in different colors and designs so that you can find one to match your home’s decorating theme.

7. Better Compatibility With Other Home Systems

Thanks to its internet connectivity, a smart thermostat can communicate with other devices in your home. For example, smart thermostats are compatible with smart humidifiers and dehumidifiers and smart air quality monitoring systems. These devices can be activated when needed through your smart thermostat to reduce costs and increase the comfort levels inside your home.

8. Better for the Environment

Transitioning to smart thermostats can help reduce your carbon footprint by preventing the waste of energy. Smart thermostats will automatically switch off when no one is home, helping you to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and be more eco-friendly.

9. Easy Installation

Some smart thermostats require professional installation while others don’t. If you’re comfortable with DIY projects, then you can easily install your smart thermostat by following the instructions that come with the device. If you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself, you can always hire someone to do it for you.

10. Voice Control Integration

The Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers can be used with most smart thermostats, meaning they’ll respond to your voice commands. For example, you can change the temperature by saying, “Alexa, set the temperature to 72 degrees.” This feature is especially useful if you like to control your home’s smart devices using your voice.

11. Accessible Home Temperature Records

In addition to controlling your home heating or cooling system with a smart thermostat, you can also view the history of your home’s daily temperature over time. This includes both the highs and lows, so you’ll be able to see everything from how much energy was used during specific times of the day down to the specific temperatures at different periods throughout the day.

12. The Ability to Install Smart Thermostats on Older Homes

Smart thermostats can help bring an older home up to date by providing a smart heating and cooling system for your home. You don’t have to worry about major renovations or costly installation jobs, just get yourself a smart thermostat and enjoy the benefits.

Smart thermostats are advantageous because they allow you to control your home’s temperature with greater ease, saving time and energy. They can also provide different levels of automation that’ll help you save money on energy costs throughout the year. Talk about revolutionizing technology. However, you’ll need to choose the right type of smart thermostat for your home. This includes making sure it can handle your desired level of automation and will be compatible with other smart devices in your home.

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