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HVAC Service Techs in Mobile, AL discuss AC Refrigerant Fluid

Jun 30, 2023 | HVAC

Air conditioning systems are great until they develop issues that require repair which causes them to increasingly malfunction. Those malfunctions eventually require assistance from an air conditioner service tech. The problems range from clogged air filters to complex issues that involve the unit’s compressor. 

In today’s blog, we will highlight some of the problems that occur with refrigerant fluid lines. We will define what refrigerant fluid is and its role in the AC unit, pointing out several signs that indicate an issue with too much refrigerant fluid running through the system.

What is Refrigerant Fluid?

Refrigerant fluid is a chemical substance that makes the conditioning of air possible. It is essentially what cools the air and allows your home to be cool during those warm summer months. This fluid is compressed into a gas that mixes with the hot air, absorbed by the AC, lowering the hot temperatures and providing much-needed comfort in the home.

The air conditioning unit is designed to work efficiently and that is possible when the refrigerant fluid is at its required level. When the fluid is too low or too high, your AC will struggle to function properly.

Signs of High Refrigerant Fluid Levels

Below, we provide the telltale signs that your AC’s refrigerant levels are at an all-time high. Be aware of these signs as this problem can quickly lead the AC to wear out and develop even greater issues. 

High-Pressure Readings

The first sign that there is too much refrigerant fluid in the system, is when there are abnormally high-pressure readings on the pressure gauges of the system. Unless you are an air conditioning service tech in Mobile, AL, it will be a challenge for you to know if those readings are out of range. We recommend consulting the manufacturer’s manual and contacting your local AC repair tech for assistance with this reading.

Poor Cooling Performance

Are you not getting the cooling temperatures you desire from your AC unit? The culprit may very well be overcharged, refrigerant levels, which impair the cooling efficiency of the system. You may need the assistance of a repair service to help determine the levels of refrigerant fluid in your unit.

Frost or Ice Buildup 

Another obvious sign of excess refrigerant fluid is when you notice frost or ice buildup on the evaporator coils or the refrigerant lines. This occurs because the refrigerant is not able to absorb enough heat from the system, resulting in freezing and moisture in the air, or on the coils. When you notice frost or ice buildup, and you need air conditioning service in Mobile, AL, it is best to reach out to have a tech assist you. This issue will lead to increased challenges for the unit and may even reduce its lifespan.

Constant Cycling of the Compressor

High refrigerant fluid levels also cause the system to cycle frequently. This means that your AC will turn on and off quickly, before reaching the desired temperatures. Frequent cycling isn’t only inconvenient but is also very harmful to the unit itself. Frequently cycling will lead to quicker wear and tear, resulting in an early AC replacement.

Unusual Noises

Are you picking up on gurgling or hissing noises with the refrigeration system? That may be an indication of overcharged refrigerant levels. High levels of refrigerant create problems with the flow of this liquid, resulting in the malfunction of the entire AC unit. 

Elevated Energy Consumption

With excess refrigerant, your AC may consume higher levels of energy than necessary. Excess fluid forces the unit to work harder to circulate all the fluid, which requires more power usage.

This problem will eventually make itself known through increased energy bills and lower levels of comfort throughout your home. Got higher energy bills? Call an air conditioning service in Mobile, AL who will help you understand if your air conditioning unit is the culprit. 

Are You Suspecting an Issue With Your AC’s Refrigerant Lines?

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