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Taking the Heat Out of Summer

Jun 27, 2020 | Air Conditioning, General

It’s a hot summer day, the sun is beating down and all you can think about is stepping into your home and enjoying some nice chilled air. You open your front door, step inside and wham! It’s almost as hot inside as it is outside. What happened? Is the air conditioner having a hard time or even working? Don’t let this be one of the summer memories you make this year. By doing a few simple steps, an A/C unit can continue power on through the heat keeping you and your family cool.

Keep it Open

Ensuring proper air flow through a building or home is essential for any AC unit to work at peak efficiency and minimum cost. Vents, ports, and even doors through the home should remain unblocked and open since the method in which modern systems are installed is specifically designed to work with the air pressure of a house as a whole. By closing these, it actually causes the air conditioner to work harder and can damage the system due to additional pressure being built up along the ducts.

Filter or Not to Filter, That is the Question

There’s that long standing question of how often do I need to change the filter for my home’s air conditioning? Most manufacturer brands have it listed on the packaging that their product can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Unfortunately, the real answer isn’t a one size fits all and has to take into account multiple different factors for each person’s situation. How many pets do you have? Does someone in the household smoke? Is anyone affected by seasonal or constant allergies? Is it the time of year when local dust or pollen counts are in the high ranges? Yes to any one of these can shorten the time between changes to 20 days, where a home that is used for vacations once or twice a year can go for 6 months or more.

A Homeowner’s Checklist

So what else can you be doing to help your AC stay in tip top shape? First, take a look at your outside unit and ensure that an area of up to 12 inches is clear of household item, clutter, and debris. Check the top, where you can look at the area with the fan, for any leaves, twigs, or other items that have fallen in or resting on the top. Removing what you can will help keep the airflow and reduce the risk of damage to your unit. Moving inside, check the drainage outlet for blockages for mold, mildew, or even algae. If you find any, it can be removed with a little bit of bleach in the drain and then rinse with water. Last, you should call a certified HVAC professional to do the yearly maintenance check.

The Annual Check Up

Vehicles need regular checks to keep fluids at recommended levels and all parts in working order. An AC system, large or small, is no different. Professional diagnostics include refrigerant level checks, testing of thermostats and electrical charge, and inspecting for worn, damaged, or broken parts.  Not only does it fulfill warranty required inspection, it protects your system from damage, it also gives you peace of mind.

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