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Why Invest in A Heat Pump System?

Mar 3, 2023 | General

Unless you are an HVAC technician, chances are that you don’t really know much about heat pumps. After all, this advanced HVAC system hasn’t been around for too long, and not too many people talk about it. However, at Hanson Super Techs, we are super passionate about the use of heating pumps to cool and warm the home. In this blog, we will discuss all the benefits of it investing in a heat pump system for your property. But first, we will define what heat pumps are and what they do.

Heat Pumps Defined

A heat pump system is a network of pipes that is installed underground to extract energy from the earth and use it as fuel to provide air conditioning to your home. This is a highly complex and innovative system that allows us to take advantage of renewable energy and use it to stay comfortable regardless of the season.

Benefits of a Heat Pump vs. AC Unit

There are many reasons why more and more homeowners continue to make the decision to install a heat pump on their property. It is a system that provides many benefits, including lower operational costs, more reliability, quieter operation, and the opportunity to conserve energy.

Cost Effective Operation

Even if you are not a penny pincher, saving costs on energy bills is something that will be appealing to you. Heat pumps do not require the use of electricity or gas to deliver the heating and cooling air that is required. As a result, your monthly utility costs will not be as high as they would be when operating a traditional air-conditioning unit.

Also, when comparing heat pumps vs. AC units, it is apparent that the maintenance costs are vastly different. Heat pumps do not require the annual maintenance and tune-up services that central air conditioning units require. Therefore, you will save money on having to contact an air conditioning technician on an annual basis.

More Reliable

Reliability is very important in an air conditioning system, and when making the comparison between heat pumps vs. AC units, heat pumps win every time. Unless your home is powered by solar panels, your air conditioning unit will not be able to run during a power outage system. However, heat pumps do not rely on electricity or gas and will continue to deliver those optimal comfort levels that are needed even when your power is out.

Quieter to Operate

The noise level of heat pumps vs. AC units is far less noticeable simply because of how they are installed. Heat pumps operate below the ground and are normally insulated with noise-canceling materials. As a result, you will not hear the system working as you would with a traditional air conditioning unit. Central air conditioner units and multi-split systems are far louder, especially when they come to the end of their lifespan, or are in need of repairs. If this is something that is important to you, you may want to consider going with the heat pump system for your home.

More Environmentally Friendly 

Heat pumps are also very environmentally friendly. Because they do not run on electricity or gas, they will not require as much energy as would traditional air conditioning units. This allows homeowners to conserve energy and practice a more sustainable lifestyle.

When comparing heat pumps vs AC units, we also see that they are far less likely to emit harmful fuels into the air. This feature creates a very safe and planet-friendly environment for all the plants, animals, and humans around your property.

Because heat pumps use renewable energy, they are highly recommended by local power authorities and even state legislators as a way to conserve energy use. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find certain grants and tax credits for your heat pump installation costs.

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