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Common AC Noises and How to Quiet Them

Jul 12, 2021 | Air Conditioning

Modern models of air conditioners hardly produce any detectable sounds. So, if your equipment is noisy, it is probably a malfunction or the system is about to break down. However, the sounds can also be valuable for diagnosing the faults in your system. Here is an outline of the possible sources of noise and how to address them.

Loud Banging and Rattling Sounds

Sometimes, your AC will make banging noises when first starting. If the sound goes away after a few minutes, it is probably an issue with the compressor motor. In those circumstances, debris could be obstructing the fan or the fan’s motor is loose.

It is also possible that components of your AC are slamming against other parts of your equipment. Rattling sounds could be the fan hitting the blower’s enclosure. Tightening those components could restore your equipment’s function, but it is always wise to consult a professional technician.

Banging noises could be the expansion and contraction of the metal ducts throughout your home. Temperature fluctuations could cause such noises if your ductwork is composed of sheet metal. The location of the ductwork could increase the likelihood of the ducts banging every so often.

If you hear banging when you are shutting off your AC, it could be the dampers. Your AC may have dampers to regulate the flow of air to different parts of your home. The sound could be the dampers shutting off when you turn down your air conditioner.

Hissing Noises From the AC

If there are noticeable hissing noises, it could be a problem with leaky ductwork. Your forced-air HVAC equipment has a network of tubes running through your home. The tube’s intersections can loosen or weaken, allowing air to escape.

When your ductwork develops clogs and leaks, it can consume between 25% and 40% more energy. That is why it is crucial to schedule duct cleaning and sealing. You can optimize the efficiency of your equipment by scheduling a professional service regularly.

Hissing could also be the sound of a refrigerant leaking from your equipment. The refrigerant is a fluid that absorbs heat from the indoor space and dispels it outdoors. The system for moving the refrigerant has a tight seal, but it can develop cracks over time.

If the refrigerant is running low, a professional should refill it. When the fluid level is insufficient, the AC will struggle to cool your home. If you are in the Mobile area, you can call the technicians from Hansen Super Techs for this and other professional services.

Clicking and Screeching Noises

If you hear clicking noises, the source of the problem will depend on several factors. If the sound is at start-up, it is most probably an issue with the electrical board of your system. It could be an issue with the relay switch or the AC’s motor.

On the other hand, if there is clicking but the equipment fails to start, the problem is probably the control board. Your thermostat may be faulty, or it may need a battery change. You can replace the device’s batteries and try again.

If the sound is continuous when the equipment is running, the most probable culprit is a bent fan blade. The fan becomes obstructed as the AC tries to cool your home. As a result, your AC will have to overwork to regulate temperatures.

If there is a problem with the fan motor or the compressor, you may hear squealing. The compressor pumps the refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. If it is faulty, it can compromise your equipment’s performance.

When parts of your AC, like the motor and fan belt, are worn out, they can produce high-pitched sounds. The network of ducts throughout your home can amplify the sound and spread it across the building.

Lubrication and repairs during maintenance can reduce the occurrence of these issues. You can call Hansen Super Techs in Theodore for quality maintenance that will keep your AC efficient.

Constant Buzzing When Starting or Running Your Equipment

Buzzing sounds from your AC could indicate several issues. One of the most severe is an electrical arc buildup within your equipment. The arcs could be due to loose wires touching and causing a short circuit.

Loose metals can also cause a buzzing noise. The next best step is to switch off your system if you suspect there is an electrical fault. Such problems could damage your equipment and pose a fire hazard.

A buzzing sound could also be due to dirty condenser coils or an obstruction in the outdoor unit. The other likely culprit is a refrigerant leak.

Regardless of the source, you should seek professional assistance promptly to avoid costly repairs in the future. You can consult the team from Hansen Super Techs for dependable AC repair services in Mobile.

Noises of Gurgling or Flowing Liquid

When gurgling sounds or the sounds of a flowing fluid come from your equipment, it could be an issue with the condensate drain. This item drains the system of vapor that the AC has turned into water droplets.

Sometimes the condensate drain gets clogged. Your equipment may activate a shut-down mechanism to prevent damage to internal components. The drain pan could be out of place, causing moisture to back up into the system. You can replace the drain pan and then restart your equipment. However, if in doubt, it is best to seek professional assistance from a certified technician.

How to Address Noises From Your Equipment

Whether it is clicking, grinding or squealing, noises from your air conditioner can be annoying and concerning. It is possible to reduce the noise during installation. The location of your unit can influence how much noise you perceive when your AC is faulty.

One of the ways to reduce the noise is erecting a fence around the outdoor unit to dampen the sound, However, it’s important to avoid creating any obstructions around the outdoor unit. Airflow problems can cause your AC to overwork. With time, your equipment will develop chronic technical issues that demand frequent repairs.

Additionally, most modern air conditioners have built-in sound-dampening features. Consequently, the sound they normally produce can be as low as 25dB, which is only as loud as a whisper. Therefore, if your new air conditioner is noisy, it is probably developing a mechanical issue.

The Value of Regular Tune-Ups

The best way to prevent a noisy AC is to keep it on a regular maintenance schedule. Maintenance involves a thorough assessment of the components of your equipment to fix malfunctioning parts. The faster you repair faulty components, the longer your cooling system will last.

Maintenance also involves cleaning critical components in your air conditioner. A technician can remove the grime accumulating on the condenser or evaporator coils. In the process, they will check for refrigerant leaks and top off the coolant if necessary.

When your AC malfunctions during Mobile’s hot, humid summer, you can count on Hansen Super Techs in Theodore. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who have vast experience dealing with a wide range of AC and heating equipment. Besides maintenance, we perform installations and repairs. Hansen Super Techs also offers ductless systems, generator services and indoor air quality solutions in the Mobile area. Our comprehensive maintenance plans are convenient and designed to keep your home comfortable throughout the seasons. Contact our friendly staff for a consultation or appointment today.