Why Is It Important to Clean Dryer Vents

Why Is It Important to Clean Dryer Vents

The smooth operation of a clothes dryer greatly depends on the condition of its vents. Dryer vents remove hot air and moisture from the dryer drum and expel it outside the house. However, over time, these vents can become clogged with lint, debris, and other materials. When this happens, they can no longer function properly and can pose a significant fire hazard. For this reason, it is crucial to clean dryer vents regularly. As the top AC repair techs in Mobile, AL, we at Hansen Super Techs have seen firsthand how big a role a dryer vent plays in the efficiency and quality of indoor air and dryers. In this article, we will explore the importance of cleaning dryer vents and discuss the benefits of doing so.

Prevents Fires

One of the main reasons to clean dryer vents is to prevent fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), failure to clean dryer vents is the leading cause of clothes dryer fires in the United States. Lint, debris, and other materials that accumulate in dryer vents can be extremely flammable. When the dryer heats up, these materials can ignite and cause a fire. In fact, the U.S. Fire Administration reports that nearly 3,000 dryer fires occur every year, resulting in an average of five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property damage. Regular cleaning of dryer vents can significantly reduce the risk of a dryer fire, protecting your family and your home.

Saves Energy

Clogged dryer vents can also cause your clothes dryer to work harder, leading to higher energy bills. When vents are blocked, hot air and moisture can’t escape from the drum. Therefore, the dryer is then forced to work harder and longer. This wastes a lot of energy and can potentially shorten the dryer’s lifespan. Regular cleaning of dryer vents can help your dryer operate more efficiently and reduce energy consumption. If you feel like your energy bills have gone up significantly, don’t hesitate to contact an AC repair tech in Mobile, AL to help narrow down the cause. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality of your home can also be greatly impacted by clogged dryer vents. When the dryer vent is clogged, moisture and mold can build up in the vent. As we all know, warmth and moisture are the perfect, welcoming environment for mold and bacteria to grow. The growth of mold is easy to pinpoint because of the musty, unpleasant odors it produces. But more concerning than those odors is the possibility of aggravating respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma. Thus, regular cleaning of dryer vents can help promote healthy air quality in your home, reducing the risk of respiratory problems. If you feel that your dryer vents are harboring mold, contact a local AC repair tech in Mobile, AL, to assess the situation.

Prolongs Lifespan of the Dryer

Cleaning dryer vents also ensures that you get the most out of your dryer. After all, these home appliances are not cheap! Clogged vents cause the dryer to work harder than it should, leading to faster wear and tear on the machine. As a result, your dryer machine will eventually break down and go out of commission sooner than you intended. Thus, if you want to save yourself some money on repairs and early dryer replacements, be sure to clean those vents out regularly.

Saves Time

Have you ever found yourself running the dryer once or twice to dry the same load? This can be very frustrating, especially if you need that one clothing item, or if you just want to get the laundry done and move on with your day. You may be experiencing prolonged drying times when your dryer vents are clogged. By cleaning dryer vents, you can ensure that the drying time goes smoothly, allowing you to get back to your daily routine more quickly.

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Why Opening Doors and Windows is Important

Why Opening Doors and Windows is Important

The weather is chilly outside right now and the first thing that comes to mind is to crank up the heater and sit close to the fire with a blanket. We understand this sentiment because we too get very cold in Biloxi, MS throughout the winter months. However, the coziness of the moment may decrease your long-term indoor air quality if you don’t ventilate your home. This article will cover some of the most common reasons for letting the outside breeze in occasionally. Read on to learn how doing so will impact your AC repairs in Biloxi, MS.

Save On Bills

It is not a secret that operating a heating system all year long will result in a hefty energy bill. Opening your doors and windows on a pleasantly warmer afternoon day will automatically force you to turn off the HVAC system. That small break will play a role in the amount you will pay for your energy bills, allowing you to save a bit of money.

However, if you feel like your energy bills went up without an increase in your energy use, there may be a problem with the efficiency of your HVAC system. Contact an AC repair tech in Biloxi, MS to figure out the cause of the lower efficiency levels. 

Let Your HVAC System Rest

Turning off your HVAC periodically also allows it to rest and not wear out as quickly. Believe it or not, HVAC units can wear out faster if their usage is heavy enough. One of the signs that your HVAC or heating system is worn out is if it begins to make screeching sounds or if begins to lower your indoor air quality. 

By the way, do you know the signs for a heater replacement? Weird, loud sounds are one of them but we have a few others on our blog. 

Increase Your Mood

You will instantly feel happier when you breathe fresh air from the outside. The stuffiness that results from spending prolonged periods of time indoors with the heat on can adversely affect your mood because you do not receive enough oxygen. You will feel refreshed and happy once you breathe that fresh air wafting into the house from the outside. 

If you feel that your indoor air quality decreases every time your HVAC unit is operating, it may be time for a visit from an AC repair tech in Biloxi. Even if it isn’t an issue with the furnace or AC, the tech will be able to assess your indoor air quality and provide services to enhance the air you breathe. Check out Indoor Air Quality Services on our website. 

Ventilate Your Home

Your home will remain fresher and more ventilated if you open your doors and windows. By adding more oxygen to the air, stuffiness will be eliminated, and indoor air quality will improve. So get up, open the blinds, push away the curtains, and crack open those windows and doors. Take a moment to bask in that fresh air and feel it penetrate your home. That stuffiness and mugginess will dissipate as you allow the air to waft into your home. 

To keep your home fresh even as the HVAC unit is operating, make sure that the air filters of your unit are clean. In fact, it may be a good time to clean out those air filters while your windows and doors are open. This is a fairly quick and easy maintenance step that will make a difference in how your furnace and AC operate. Plus, it will help you maintain the efficiency of the HVAC system at optimal levels. 

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Common Issues with Electrical Outlets

Common Issues with Electrical Outlets

We don’t pay much attention to electrical outlets until they break or need repairing. You will learn some of the most common signs that your home’s electrical outlets need repair in today’s article. 

Although these signs aren’t always obvious, it is important to take notice of them when they make themselves known. 

You may be at risk of health issues if you fail to properly maintain or repair any electrical equipment in your house. As you read the following points, keep your home’s safety in mind, and don’t hesitate to call an electrical repair tech in Mobile, AL if you need assistance.

Outlet Shocks 

The feeling of being shocked when plugging something in is unwelcomed, unpleasant, and can be extremely dangerous. Often, this type of shock is caused by loose terminal screws on receptacles. Damage to the terminals occurs during installation or through wear and tear of the outlet. In this case, whenever you try to use that outlet, you will continue to experience outlet shock. To resolve the issue, we highly recommend contacting an electrical repair service in Mobile, AL.

Obviously, outlet shock is an electrical shock, which could pose a very dangerous scenario for anyone involved. Electric shock can lead to cardiac problems that end up in hospitalization, serious injury, and even death. Consequently, do not take this issue lightly and take the necessary steps to have it repaired. 

Loose Electrical Outlet Box

A loose electrical outlet box is another sign that your outlet needs to be repaired. There are a number of reasons why this happens. Occasionally, contact points become loose due to damage. Normally, this happens gradually over time, but if the repair is neglected, the outlet may spark when in use. How do you know that the box is loose? A good way to tell is if you plug something in and the plug falls out. 

Here’s What You Do To Fix a Loose Electrical Outlet Box

  1. Turn off the power at the circuit breaker for that outlet. 
  2. Disconnect the outlet box from the receptacle by unscrewing the receptacle. 
  3. Unscrew the terminal screws and inspect the wiring. 
  4. If there is damage to the wiring, contact an electrical repair tech in Mobile, AL who can repair the damage.
  5. Try tightening the outlet screws if they are loose if the wiring appears to be OK. 
  6. You may need to add an electrical spacer on top of the screws to keep the outlet in place. 
  7. Then, secure the outlet plate tightly in place. 

Alternatively, you can contact an electrical repair tech in Mobile, AL  if this does not resolve the problem or if you don’t feel confident about your abilities to fix it. 

The Outlet Isn’t Working 

Are there any dead outlets in your home, like the ones that don’t work at all?  When you only have one outlet per room, this can create a big inconvenience. Electrical outlets that do not work are often caused by loose wiring, damaged wires, insulation, or burned-out wiring. There are times when the electrical outlet connectors are loose as well, preventing it from delivering electricity as expected. In this case, an electrical repair tech in Mobile, AL will be able to narrow down the problem and fix it.

Discolored, Melted, or Cracked Faceplate

When you see that the faceplate of an outlet is distorted in its appearance, it is important to understand that the discoloration or crack did not happen on its own. This can happen as a result of short-circuiting or the wiring system getting too hot for the plastic to handle. If you notice this on your outlets, an electrician must investigate the problem. 

Most issues with outlets can be prevented with a regular electrical maintenance routine. Check out our blog to learn why electrical maintenance is important

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Benefits of Ductless AC Units

Benefits of Ductless AC Units

Air conditioning units have become indispensable commodities in most American homes. Whether it is cold or hot outside, they provide optimal comfort levels for us to hide away from the heat or warm up during the winter months. For this reason, it is essential to understand the differences between the various AC unit types as you make the decision on which unit to buy. 

In Biloxi, ductless AC installation is relatively popular among the residents, and as the AC experts, Hansen Super Techs specializes in such installations. This article will define ductless AC units and discuss the benefits of using this system for your heating and cooling needs. 

What Is a Ductless AC?

Like a central air conditioner, a ductless AC comprises two main units; a condenser and an evaporator. With a ductless AC, the indoor unit is more prominent as it is usually a rectangular box that hangs on the side of a wall, off the ceiling, or on the floor. The unit houses all the essential components of an air conditioner. 

In Biloxi, ductless AC installation is helpful for those who prefer to regulate the temperature in each room individually or for those who don’t have a large home. 

Reasons to Choose Ductless AC Installation in Biloxi

So why would anyone choose to install a ductless AC in their home? Aside from the lower installation costs, ductless AC units offer homeowners flexibility and greater options for how to cool their homes. Check out these benefits: 

1. Better Efficiency

Residents in Biloxi love ductless AC installations because they offer better efficiency rates. This is mainly because the unit cools just one room at a time instead of the whole house, as is the case with central air conditioners. Better AC efficiency translates into lower energy costs and a higher air conditioner lifespan. 

Wondering how to save more energy in your home? Check out our top tips for energy efficiency on our blog. 

2. Heating & Cooling in One 

When it gets cold in Biloxi, ductless AC installations come in handy because they also provide heating for the home. This is very economical as it helps residents avoid installing heat pumps and furnaces in their homes, which are costly. Having a heating and cooling system in one unit becomes a very attractive option, especially in our economy of ever-increasing energy costs. 

With winter approaching, you are probably wondering how to get the most out of your heating system without breaking the bank. Check out our blog for cost-saving heating tips for the winter. 

3. Cheaper AC Installation Costs

In addition to lower operational costs, ductless AC installations are much cheaper than that central air conditioners. Because ductless units work in one room at a time, ductwork isn’t necessary. Ductwork is used in central ACs to disperse the same temperatures throughout the house, and installing it can be very pricey. The need for this expense will be eliminated when you choose a ductless AC installation in Biloxi

4. Increased Scalability 

With ductless air conditioners, there is great flexibility in terms of scaling their capacity. Homeowners get to customize their cooling options by selecting the exact rooms they would like to have cooled or heated on a regular basis. This eliminates the need to use air conditioning in rooms that aren’t used very often, thus allowing you to use your home’s energy more efficiently. 

How does an HVAC work? Check out our blog to learn about the technology behind air conditioning units. 

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Common Problems With the Evaporator Unit

Common Problems With the Evaporator Unit

Air conditioning units are made of various parts that combine to enhance the atmosphere of your home and help you feel more comfortable. If any of these parts break down, the entire system will suffer. 

At Hansen Super Techs, we enjoy educating the public on various air conditioning topics to empower them to take proper care of their units. In today’s article, we will discuss evaporator units. We will define this unit and explore the problems that can arise from this air conditioning component. 

What is an Evaporator?

Most air conditioners are two units; one for the outside and one inside. The evaporator is the indoor unit that uses hot air captured by the outdoor unit to convert it into cold air. It accomplishes this task with refrigerant fluid that runs in coils. This fluid evaporates into a cool gas and is released into the home. 

When to Call Super Techs About My Evaporator?

So how do you know when to call a technician about your evaporator? Most homeowners can avoid issues with the evaporator with a regular AC maintenance check, during which all necessary adjustments are made to allow for a smooth function of the entire air conditioner. Below are the common problems in AC units that typically arise from a poorly functioning evaporator. 

When the Evaporator Coils are Frozen

One of the top reasons to call Super Techs is when your evaporator coils accumulate ice. Most people ignore this issue but trust us; this isn’t something you want to overlook. Frozen coils are a symptom of a more significant problem, which could be one of the following: 

  • Issues with the defrosting cycle, which is in charge of preventing ice and frost from developing on the coils. 
  • Coils that are colder than the set temperature cause them to freeze and prevent the proper flow of refrigerant fluid. 
  • Low refrigerant fluid levels impede the AC’s ability to absorb the heat, which prevents the coils from freezing. 

We can see here that frozen evaporator coils can quickly grow into a big, expensive problem to fix. If the problem isn’t fixed, your AC may come to a condition beyond repair, so err on caution and give Super Techs a call. 

When the AC Isn’t Producing Cool Air

It is frustrating when the AC is running all day but isn’t producing the cool air we want. Multiple factors can cause this problem, but one of the main ones we want to highlight is malfunctioning blower motors. 

Blower motors are responsible for blowing out cool air into the home and blowing it into the evaporator coils for cooling. With prolonged use, blower motors can wear out or come off their place. A visit from a Super Techs’ repairman will help you get it back into its appropriate spot, or replaced entirely, if necessary. 

How do you increase your AC’s efficiency and other home amenities? Read our energy efficiency tips for your home on our blog to find out. 

When the Indoor Air Quality Decreases

If your indoor air quality decreases, you may have a problem with the evaporator unit. The evaporator absorbs air from the outside and sends it through air filters before pushing it into the room. These air filters catch all dirt, debris, and dust to ensure you breathe the highest air quality. With time, these air filters must be cleaned or replaced. 

Here are some signs that you may need to change your air filters: 

  • The AC is producing warm air
  • No air is coming from the vents
  • Your energy bills are increasing without a change in indoor temperatures
  • Visible dust floating in the air
  • Stuffiness in the room
  • Increased coughing, allergies, and asthma

The air we breathe is crucial for the health and safety of everyone. For this reason alone, taking good care of our air conditioning units is essential. Check your air filters at least once a month to ensure they are clean. 

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Is it Time for a Furnace Replacement?

Is it Time for a Furnace Replacement?

With the beginning of fall, the temperatures outside are steadily decreasing and causing us to use our heaters more and more often in Biloxi. And because of this, somehow homeowners are finding themselves at a crossroads, where they must decide whether a new furnace replacement is required for the new winter season. This decision is very important and because it is costly, it isn’t to be taken lightly.

Reasons for a Furnace Replacement 

At Hansen Air Pros, we replace countless furnaces every year and can recognize when such replacements are needed. We rounded up the top signs that we refer to when helping our clients decide on a new furnace replacement in Biloxi. 

Excessive Repairs

How often do you call a heating repair technician to help you fix an issue with your furnace? If you’re having to rely on exceeding repairs to warm your home, it may be time for a furnace replacement. This is especially true if you are seeing not only an increase in repairs but also an increase in the cost of these repairs. A furnace replacement will allow you to save money on future repairs in the long run. 

If you run into a problem with your HVAC system, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Read our blog to learn why delaying HVAC repair isn’t a good idea. 

End of Lifespan

The average lifespan of a furnace is 15 to 20 years. If the furnace in your home is about this age, it may be time to consider a furnace replacement. With age, your furnace will require more frequent repairs that will grow and cost. Eventually, the furnace will break down completely and stop turning on. 

Because a new furnace is a very costly replacement, we recommend putting aside some money for a replacement when you notice that the age of your furnace is coming to the end of its lifespan.

As you consider a furnace upgrade in your home, read our blog to learn about the benefits of also upgrading to a smart thermostat

Decreased Efficiency 

Older furnaces will always have decreased rates of efficiency, which is a great reason to consider a furnace replacement. This means that they will use more energy than is needed to heat your home. This decrease in efficiency will be evident in the growing energy bills that you pay on a monthly basis. 

Decreased efficiency in your heater, can also be the result of the following factors: 

  • Clogged air filters that block proper airflow
  • Leaky air ducts prevent proper air circulation and make the heater work harder
  • Broken or miscalibrated thermostat

Another main issue we see with inefficient furnaces is when they are not sized appropriately to accommodate the square footage and needs of the home. If the heater is too small, it will not produce enough warmth for the entire home. 

Regardless of what the issue may be, it will be important to contact a furnace replacement technician who will investigate the problem. This inspection will help provide insight into the appropriate course of action you should take. 

Poor Air Quality

Another major reason for replacing your furnace is when you begin to notice a decrease in indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality. Will look like mugginess, stuffiness, bad odors, and musty smells that are produced by mold. It is important to have the cause of your poor air quality inspected as soon as you begin to notice it. 

Here are some common reasons why your home may have poor, indoor air quality:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Excess debris in the outdoor HVAC unit
  • Clogged air ducts
  • Development of mold

Mold is one of the things that Hansen Air Pros are deeply concerned about when performing an indoor air quality test. Mold is very hazardous to the health of anyone exposed to it as it leads to migraines, respiratory issues, and other adverse reactions. If your indoor air quality is not improving despite all your efforts, it may be time to consider your options for a furnace replacement or repair. 

Biloxi Heater Installation 

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