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Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality For Babies

Jul 26, 2022 | Indoor Air Quality

Recently, we wrote an article on the importance of planning an indoor air quality test. Today, we will expand on that topic further by exploring the difference ways to improve indoor air quality for babies. 

New expectant parents are normally tasked with all the usual preparations for the baby’s arrival. Between setting up the nursery, finding the perfect stroller, carseat, and other essential baby items, they have their hands full. Yet with all these preparations, little consideration is given to ensuring good indoor air quality for your bundle of joy. 

Improving indoor air quality for babies is essential because their new, young lungs can be very vulnerable to debris and bacteria floating through the air. To assist you in your parenting journey, we provide several tips for how to improve the indoor air quality for your little one. 

Switch To Natural Cleaners

Many cleaning supplies are packed with chemicals that are toxic or harmful to a new baby’s body to handle. We recommend switching to as many natural cleaning supplies. When shopping, be on the lookout for cleaning supplies with a shorter ingredient list. Typically, that ingredient list is minimal and uses ingredients that are easy to read and understand. Natural cleaners will help minimize your child’s exposure to toxins and avoid the chances of developing an allergic reaction. They will help your baby breathe better as they grow in a loving and safe space. 

Buy A HEPA Vacuum

HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air which means that vacuums that come with this capability are able to remove 99.7% of physical matter found in air. This matter is consistent of harmful, microscopic allergens that lead to various health challenges like allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems. This vacuum will ensure a high quality of air in your baby’s room and home. Due to its ability to eliminate allergies and maintain healthy indoor air quality, it is one of the top vacuums on the market. 

Use An Air Purifier

Having air purifier in your baby’s room is essential for increasing its air quality. Air purifiers eliminate airborne particulate matter and in doing so, they prevent respiratory issues like allergies and asthma. They also remove odors, harmful radon, and environmental chemicals. As an added bonus, the improved air circulation in the room will promote better sleep for your baby. For new, sleep-deprived parents, anything that will improve a child’s sleeping cycle is an absolute must-have item. 

Manage The Humidity

Humidity in small amounts can help your baby breathe easier. However, an excess amount of humidity can lead to the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold. These issues are harmful for the home itself and for the baby’s health. Therefore, we recommend installing a hygrometer in your child’s room. Hygrometers are found in hardware stores and are responsible for measuring the amount of moisture in the air. When the hygrometer measures the humidity at 60%, that will be your cue to shut off the humidifier and open some windows for fresh air. 

Ventilate The Room

Speaking of opening windows, ventilating the room is also extremely important for improving and maintaining the air quality in the room. Open the doors or windows and let the outside air filter in. This will improve the circulation in the room and inject it with a healthy dose of oxygen and sunshine. 

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