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Signs of a Sewer Leak

Jan 20, 2023 | Plumbing

Sometimes plumbing problems occur without us even knowing it. In spite of the fact that these problems can be hidden well, if they are not addressed carefully, they will develop into very large problems. Many plumbing issues, including sewage leaks, are difficult to detect, which delays the necessary repairs. You can see if you have a sewer leak in your Mobile, AL home by reading the following five signs. If you notice any of these signs, you will need to contact a licensed plumber in Mobile, AL

Poor Odors

Poor odors around the house are the first indication of a sewer leak. And when we say poor odor, we really mean the most awful smell known to humankind. The sewer smell is very distinct and when you smell it, you will know something is wrong. 

Long-term leaks can lead to mold growth which also contributes to a bad odor. Have you ever smelled sewer mixed with mold? It isn’t a pleasant smell, to say the least.

It is important to contact a licensed plumber in Mobile, AL if you notice any of these types of odors. Sewage and mold contaminants can cause complications in the upper respiratory system, migraine headaches, and even cognitive decline. 

If you have a bad odor in your house but it isn’t caused by a sewer leak, it may be caused by something else like your AC. Check out our indoor air quality services to learn how we can help improve the air in your home. 

Increased Water Bills

The key truth about sewer leaks is that they require additional water. Consequently, the additional water expenditure will increase your water bills. Of course, by the time you notice the increase, the leak can already make significant damage if it is inside the home or nearby any structures. 

Most sewer leaks can be prevented with a regular plumbing maintenance routine. If you haven’t had a plumbing maintenance visit in a while, contact a local licensed plumber in Mobile, AL to set up a service check. 

Lush Patches of Lawn

Perhaps you’re noticing patches of lush, green grass on your lawn. What could be wrong with that? Well, sewer leaks happen to have just enough fertilizer and water to make the grass grow in luscious patches wherever they happen. That being said, if you see a very green patch of grass, it is best to have it checked out by a plumber to ensure that it isn’t the cause of a leak. 

Wet Floors or Damp Walls

Sewer leaks inside the home often result in wet or damp floors. There is a great deal of damage done to the structure of the floor as a result. When water persists even after mopping, it is most likely caused by a plumbing leak. You almost certainly have a sewage leak if you smell sewers and your floors are wet. However, leaks don’t always happen in sewer lines. Because of this a licensed plumber in Mobile, AL must come to assess the cause of the leak.  

Leaks, no matter what kind, should be investigated as they can lead to very extensive and pricey repairs when neglected. We all know how dangerous mold can be to the home and its occupants, as well as to the health of the home. If water penetrates the walls for too long, mold will certainly develop.   

Increase of Pests

You may not be a fan of sewer smells, but rodents love them. It won’t take long before you’ve got yourself some new tenants you didn’t invite. In addition to rodents, the sewer leak will beacon pests of every kind, including cockroaches, flies, and centipedes who all love moisture. As the leak progresses, the number of pests you find will increase. The leak, no matter how large, needs to be dealt with by a professional before further damage can be done.

Licensed Plumbers in Mobile, AL

Are you noticing any of these signs of sewer leaks on your property? Though the situation may seem chaotic, there is no need to panic. Pick up the phone and contact Hansen Super Techs to get in touch with the best plumbers in the area. We will be able to restore your sewer lines back to order quickly and efficiently. Call us at (251) 227-4441.