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What To Do About Poor Water Quality

May 18, 2023 | Plumbing

How important is water to you? Most people would agree that it is one of the essential aspects of life, allowing us to live healthy and clean lifestyles. But not all water is created equally.  We will go over some of the signs of poor water quality and as the top residential plumbing service techs in the area, we will provide some tips for what you can do if you have poor water quality.

What are the Signs of Bad Water Quality?

How do you know that your water isn’t of the highest quality? Below are some common signs we want you to be aware of in your home. 

Foul Odors

Is there a bad odor when you run the water faucet?  These odors can be caused by bacteria, sulfur, or other contaminants present in the water. You will need t the help of residential plumbing services to investigate and repair the cause of this problem. 


It isn’t pleasant to have discolored water coming out of the faucet. If you see brown or yellow water, that may indicate rusty, corroded pipes. Sediment also causes discoloration, giving the water a white, milky look. 

Metallic Taste

“There’s nothing like a nice tall glass of metal in your mouth,” said no one ever. Tasting metal in water is not normal or healthy. This problem is usually a sign of lead or copper in your water, indicating the need for an urgent repair. 

Sediment or Particles

If there is sediment in your water, it may be time to call residential plumbing services that can help flush your water tank. Over time, sediment builds up and if it isn’t cleared, it will contaminate the water throughout the home. 

Stains on Plumbing Fixtures or Laundry

It’s counterproductive to wash a load of clothes only to have them come out with more stains than they started with at the beginning of the cycle. This is normally caused by a high presence of minerals like iron or manganese in the water. These stains can also show up on your plumbing fixtures, creating an unattractive look. 

High Levels of Chlorine

The smell of chlorine coming from your water may indicate that too much chlorine is being used to treat the water. You must contact a professional to have this problem resolved as it can be hazardous to your health. 

Tips for Poor Water Quality

Now that you know some of the top signs of poor water quality, you might be wondering what to do when you begin to notice these signs in your home. Let’s look at what our expert residential plumbing service techs recommend. 

Identify the Source of the Problem

First, you must determine why your water quality is being compromised.Finding the source of the problem  is easier to do when you have a professional plumber on hand. 

Install a Water Filtration System

If your water quality is compromised by contaminants, a water filtration system will help eliminate them and improve the quality of the water. Water filtration systems come in various forms such as the following:

  • Carbon filters
  • Reverse osmosis
  • UV disinfection

Replace Old Pipes

Sometimes the only acceptable thing to do is to replace old piping in your home, which play a significant role in water quality. Pipes, especially iron ones, age and become inundated with iron, which is harmful to one’s health. 

Use a Water Softener

If you know you have hard water, adding a water softener will help remove all the minerals and make your water safer and more pleasant to drink and use. 

Maintain Your Plumbing

Maintenance is key to ensuring that your water is of the highest quality possible. Such tasks include flushing the water heater and cleaning faucets and showerheads regularly. Also, part of maintenance is ensuring that all appropriate plumbing repairs are done promptly, as this can help prevent many water issues down the road. 

High-Quality Residential Plumbing Services 

Have you been less than satisfied with the water quality in your home recently? Get a quick and prompt resolution to this problem by calling Hansen Super Techs at (251) 227-4441 for quality plumbing repairs today.