4 Reasons to Never DIY a Furnace Repair

4 Reasons to Never DIY a Furnace Repair

We understand when Wise homeowners choose to save money and attempt various repairs around their homes themselves. Although making many repairs around your home is acceptable, some will require professional assistance. Among these special repairs is furnace repair.

“Now, what is so wrong with fixing your furnace by yourself?” you might ask. There are many reasons why a licensed furnace repair technician must provide furnace repair. In the following paragraphs, we discuss the four main reasons relating to your safety, home, and family members. 

You Need Special Training and Equipment

Most furnace repair technicians attend an education program that spans six months to two years, depending on the institution or program. After completing this program, technicians are required to attend a set number of hours of in-person training with an experienced technician. After this training is complete, they must pass a state licensing exam that allows them to provide these services. This comprehensive training program allows technicians to safely fix your furnace without injuring themselves or others.

On the other hand, you may not be as trained or experienced as a professional technician. The repair will not only take longer than necessary, but without adequate training and equipment, you may hurt yourself, the furnace, and possibly even your home.

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You Will Void the Warranty

Depending on the manufacture of your furnace, you may void the warranty by attempting furnace repair yourself. As experienced technicians, we have seen this happen numerous times. Homeowners attempted to cut the cost of furnace repairs, but in doing so, they made the matter even worse. In that case, there was nothing left to do but replace the furnace. The warranty will not cover that replacement and will cost even more than a repair service. 

You May Breach Homeowner Insurance Policies

When furnace repairs are provided by someone other than a licenced technician, accidents may occur due to inadequate training. These accidents may cause a fire that your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover. Many homeowner’s insurance policies have a clause that requires homeowners to hire professionals for such costly and specialized repairs. 

On the other hand, every technician is required by state regulations to show proof of liability insurance before starting their furnace repair services. This policy can take the responsibility for possible accidents off your hands. 

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You Will Lower the Property Value 

Now say that you were able to install and maintain your furnace for quite some time. The problem that you will face when trying to sell your home is when potential buyers ask for warranties or proof of your HVAC systems inspection record. Though this seems like a very small matter, Showing that your HVAC system has been installed and maintained by a certified professional technician will assist you in attracting interested buyers of your property. 

Not many home buyers will appreciate having to buy a home without official documentation proving that everything in the house is up to par and maintained well. In the absence of any proof that the home has been professionally maintained, potential buyers may be able to bargain the price of the home lower than you intended. Therefore, don’t miss out on a potentially good profit. Hire a professional and have the peace of mind that your investment is a good one!

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Your furnace a very important investment in your home. With proper care and repair, it should last you up to three decades. Because of this, only the best furnace repair techs should be trusted with servicing your furnace. 

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Heating Tips for Winter

Heating Tips for Winter

It’s getting closer to that time of year when the weather shifts to cooler temps & we start thinking of turning on the furnace. Before doing that, we have some pro tips to help your system work it’s best and save you money.

Air vents and registers are an overlooked area when it comes to cleaning! Vacuuming out the dust during your normal routine helps prevent build up of clogs & keeps the furnace from working harder to keep you comfortable. Doing this has the added benefit of improving the indoor air quality of your home!

Air filters work to help prevent particles and dust from entering your HVAC system. Having a dirty filter causes restricted airflow & a drop in pressure forcing it to overwork raising the risk of avoidable repairs. On average, filters should be changed every 90 days but may need to be switched earlier if you have a fireplace, pets, or smoke.

Making a few simple adjustments in your winter routine can save you a lot of time and money. Closing off the vents in unused rooms creates a zoned effect putting the warmer air right where you need it most. Setting your thermostat to run only when you’re home, can save up to 10% on your monthly utility bill. It’s even easier to accomplish this with the use of programmable or a smart thermostat pair with a phone or tablet.

Most important of all, have your whole furnace system checked annually by a licensed professional. They will be able to detect problem areas and safety concerns that would otherwise be overlooked. You can help by informing the technician of any unusual noises or smells from the HVAC.

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Tips for Fall & Winter Seasons

Tips for Fall & Winter Seasons

Tips to Prepare for Southern Fall & Winter Seasons!

Southern winters don’t bring snow, ice, or sub-zero temperatures but we still get cold rain, chilly winds, and extra bite from high humidity levels. Winterizing your home during the autumn season helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature & manageable utility bills.

We have a few simple suggestions to add to your fall maintenance checklist.

1. Remove sediment, and check the pressure relief valve by flushing the water heater tank to ensure it’s in proper working order.

2. Look over doors & windows for gaps, worn away areas, separation, cracks, chips, rot, or any other damage. Replace any worn-out weather stripping and caulk any areas necessary.

3. If you have an older thermostat, replace it with a programmable unit to save up to 10% on heating costs.

4. Have a thorough inspection done of your heating system by a licensed professional for operation and safety requirements. Replace the air filter allowing proper airflow and reducing the strain on your system.

5. Install carbon monoxide detectors through your home for an extra layer of protection and don’t forget to test them.

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