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When your furnace hasn’t run in a while and your AC is on strong in Gulfport, MS, why not call us and schedule a furnace maintenance visit so you’ll have one less thing to do as winter approaches? It’s like a pit stop for your heating system, with a thorough heating tune-up and heating maintenance performed by experts with a careful eye looking for problems before they make you cold later on. We do filter checks and changes, lubrication and inspection, for reliability, safety, and efficiency. Our highly trained, talented technicians know their way around heating systems, and you’ll appreciate their knowledge when you ask questions and respect their professionalism down to the way they take care of their tools and workspace. We send the best to take care of you.

Furnace Maintenance Experts in Gulfport

We have an eye for the details when we perform heating tune-ups and maintenance because we’re looking for hidden problems, emerging issues, and ways that we can make your system perform better for you. We look for worn belts, tired motors, issues with your heat exchanger, and odd sounds that you may have gotten used to but we know aren’t right. Our technicians have plenty of experience responding to urgent furnace calls, so they’re looking to find ways to prevent them. Safety is also on our list during heating tune-ups, including combustion emissions problems that could put you at risk of carbon monoxide dangers, efficiency issues that can cost you on your energy bill and reduce your system’s performance as it keeps you warm, and air circulation challenges including ducts clogged with dust and debris. We make sure your temperature control is working and accurate, and check your pilot light or electronic ignition because it’s a shame when that’s all that stands between you and a nice warm winter night.

There are many benefits to furnace maintenance that you’ll experience:

  • A longer lasting heating system
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Quieter, more reliable blowers
  • An overall quieter heating system
  • Warmth that keeps you comfortable all winter long!

If your Gulfport heating system includes add-on comfort and healthy options like humidity control, HEPA filter, air purifier, or germicidal UV light, we can take a look at those as well during heating maintenance. They can make a big difference in your indoor air and keep your comfort consistent year-round, so we want to make sure they’re operating well. You’d be surprised what a difference in your comfort it makes to have the right amount of moisture in the air, it can help save energy. If you’re interested in adding any of these, of course, we can help!

Your Heating Maintenance Pros

Our excellent Hansen Super Techs Pros technicians care about your heating system. Inviting them in to provide furnace maintenance and heating tune-ups helps get ready for winter, avoiding urgent repair visits later on by being prepared, and giving you the best, most efficient heat. They love to make our customers’ lives easier and more comfortable in Gulfport, with assistance backed by our satisfaction guarantee that’s not just talk. We serve with a team of customer service, financing, and delivery professionals that’s just the right size to be part of the community, but big enough to be there for you when you need us most. Hansen Super Techs Pros takes good care of our team with mentoring and training, so we can work together to serve you best.

Wherever you live in Gulfport, such as North Gulfport, Nugent, Handsboro, Lorraine, or Lyman, our expert technicians offer furnace maintenance that prepares you for reliable, efficient winter heat. It gets pretty cold on Gulfport winter nights, and your heating system needs to be reliable. Call us for furnace maintenance you can count on! Or call today for a repair or replacement, as well as any AC service like cooling maintenance!

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