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How to Keep Garbage Disposals Sharp and Clean

Garbage disposals are instrumental in any kitchen, providing a convenient way for keeping the kitchen clean and the food waste minimal. As with any mechanical system, garbage disposals require a...

Signs of a Worn Out Toilet

Not a single modern person can deny the importance of a toilet. It, quiet literally, helps keep thing flowing smoothly throughout the plumbing system, eliminating waste and keeping the home clean...

The Importance of a Properly Sized AC

There is a lot to consider when installing a new air conditioning unit. One of the critical elements a Daphne AC company takes into great consideration is the size of the AC required for the home....

Why Timing Matters in AC Repairs

Some air conditioning repairs are pretty obvious while others creep up on a home in a gradual progression, until the unit breaks down completely. This is normally the result of homeowners neglecting...

When To Schedule Air Quality Testing Services

With all the services offered by heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services, it can be hard to know what services you need and when to schedule them. We understand this dilemma and...

Top Causes of AC Compressor Damage in Fairhope

Air conditioning systems are great, but they do not come without problems. As the unit ages, it shows signs of wear and tear that will eventually lead to a replacement. In this blog, we will discuss...

Ways that Water is Wasted Over the Summer Months

On average, American homes waste about 9,400 gallons of water annually. These numbers are astounding and given their impact on our environment, it is worth exploring the reasons for such waste in...

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